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Playing time

Players are not guaranteed a minimum amount of playing time, but are guaranteed to get some playing time in games.  Playing time is based on a variety of factors, but is ultimately left to the coaches discretion.


Concussions/Head Trauma/Heading

Soccer is a contact sport that involves some level of risk.  As with all contact sports, head injuries can occur from collision or impact with another player, the ground, or the goal post.  As a result, Rutherford FC mandates that every trainer, coach, or parent volunteer who works with the players receive a certificate after completing the Head Trauma Education Training administered by the CDC.  Identifying head trauma and taking appropriate action is a continual point of emphasis for all of the Rutherford FC staff.  In the event a player is removed from a game or training session due to head trauma, or suspected head trauma, that player must be cleared in writing by a doctor before returning to any on-field activities.  In keeping with U.S. Soccer guidelines, players age U11 and younger are not allowed to head the ball in practice or games.  Players in U12 and U13 are allowed to head the ball in games, but should have limited heading in practice.

click this link to access the concussion training certificate program CDC Concussion Training


Code of Conduct 

Download the Code of Conduct form 


Parent Behavior

 During games and scrimmages, parents are expected to lend encouragement and enthusiasm, but must refrain from coach players from the sidelines.  A good rule to remember in this regard is that if you are using verbs on the sidelines, then you’re coaching.

"Cooling Off Period"

If a parent or player is upset about something, they should wait at least 24 hours to discuss the situation with the coach.  Emotions can often run high after a practice or game so it is better and more productive to wait a day before contacting the coach.  This also gives the parent time to consider exactly what they want to say and the best way to say it.



Except when conflicts with school, or other listed reasons, preclude a timely arrival, players are expected to arrive prior to the official start time of practice.  Trainers and coaches will expect players to have their shoes tied, shin guards in place, and socks pulled up ready for play.


Roster Size

Small sided teams (U9-U12) are allowed to have up to 14 players on their game day rosters.  Full sided teams (U13-U19) are allowed to have up to 18 players on their roster



 To comply with the US Soccer age mandate and the Northern Counties age groups, Rutherford FC will group players together based on their birth year.  However, in certain situations, it may be necessary to organize teams based not only on birth year, but on school grade.  This is done to to ensure each team has enough players, or to group players with similar playing abilities together.  Please note, a player may be allowed to “play up” in an older age group, but never allowed to play for a team younger than his/her birth year.

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