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Each spring, players are invited to participate in our tryout process to assess skills and form new teams for the following season beginning in the fall. Placement of players on teams is determined by age, tryouts, skills of new players joining the program, current player assessment where applicable, and number of players trying out. Participation in tryouts, or being on a travel team this year does not guarantee placement on a team next year. Unfortunately, because of roster size restrictions, not every player who tries out will make the team. Please see the Tryouts/Registration tab for further information regarding tryouts.

Players are required to register and submit the registration fee before being able to tryout for any Rutherford FC team.  Players who are not registered or have not submitted the fee will not be allowed to try out.  One or two Tryouts are conducted  for each team and players are evaluated by at least two Rutherford FC coaches who do not coach that specific team, along with one of our certified trainers.  This ensures all players are judged in a fair and objective manner with no bias from any current coach. Please note, missing one tryout could adversely effect a players ability to be evaluated and make it more difficult to be chosen for the team.


Some of the things players will be evaluated on depending on their age include:

Technical ability – passing, dribbling, shooting, receving, and defense

Tactical ability – Understanding of the game, soccer intelligence

Physical ability – speed and fitness

Behavior – Players are expected to respect the coaches and other players on the team by following directions and not causing distractions.


Players will be notified via email within 2 weeks of tryouts if they made the team for the following fall season.  Any player not making a team will be refunded their full registration payment.


Dates and locations for respective teams and ages are as follows for Fall 2017/Spring 2018 teams


Boys - TBA May 2018
2009 & 2010 - 
2008 - 
2007 - 
2006 - 
2005, 2004, & 2003 - 

Girls - TBA May 2018
2009 & 2010 - 
2008 -
2007 - 
2006 - 
2005 - 
2004 & 2003 - 

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